Lava Jam

Available now for iOS, coming soon for Android

Find your flow…

Lava Jam is all about music, melody, and finding your flow. It’s also a game where timing and patterns matter. The music is calming and the pace is mellow. The keyboard is effortless and expressive. Relax, and learn a bit about music while you have fun with different sounds.


Expressive keyboard makes it easy to play by touch. Easily bend notes and add tremolo by dragging your finger.


Unlock instruments including: Flute, Harp, Sitar, and many others.


Play music in two scenes with accompanying background loops. More scenes are in development.


Play instruments on a full screen keyboard. Connect your device to a bluetooth speaker or stereo and play your instruments with other musicians.

Say Hello

I made this game because I love music.  Let me know what you think!